Toan Thang is proud to be a Vietnam Company with professional management style, staff of dynamic and highly qualified individuals.

For long term and sustainable development, we pay careful attention to human resource investment, both “the quality” and “the quantity”. We believe that, human resource is the key factor for Toan Thang’s continued success.

A guiding principle of Toan Thang is:

“A company or an organization, even though it has plentiful financial resources and hi technology, it will be meaningless if it fails in human resource management”

Therefore, Toan Thang places high value on the “people factor” through its company policy, compensation and benefits, training and working environment. These policies aim to attract and retain talented staff and encourage them to be deeply attached to the Company and to contribute to the Company.

At Toan Thang, we understand that our people are our greatest asset and that an investment in them is an investment in the long-term success in our company. Our success depends on highly skilled, competent and motivated employees and teams. We believe that individuals should drive their own careers and that life at work should be a continuous learning journey. Seizing the opportunity to make a difference is more important than simply progressing up the ladder. People with this attitude and approach will find Toan Thang challenging, inspiring and highly rewarding.

The ‘culture’ of an organisation can be difficult to define. Still, it’s a vital consideration in making a career choice. In Toan Thang, it’s all about open, honest and friendly communication, both with our colleagues.

Toan Thang is engaged in a sustainable growth and development strategy. Respect for diversity, equal opportunity, dialogue, health and safety, people development, knowledge-sharing, recognition individual and collective employee contributions are at the heart of our priorities to create a great working environment.

Learning is a cornerstone of Toan Thang’s people strategy. Because our people are at the heart of our business, developing their potential is a priority for the Company. We recognise the direct link between learning, building communities and self-fulfilment and realise that increased competency means greater self-satisfaction and higher performance.

Toan Thang is committed to the personal and professional development of all its employees.

Our policy is to ensure fair, equitable and non-discriminatory pay throughout the Company. We also reward individual and collective performance and contribution, and share with our employees the overall success of Toan Thang.

We offer a market competitive compensation package that’s designed to make you feel an integral part of the team and directly involved in the company’s success. The total package is shaped to recognise various levels of employee responsibility, objectives achievement, expertise and contribution. It includes the base annual salary, but it may also include various other elements:

  • Annual medical check-up
  • Medical insurance
  • Company trip ( Team Building Trip) local or overseas
  • Many other allowances


Please feel free to contact HR Deparment if you need any further information.

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